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Limo Service in Seattle Washington

We offer you affordable SCREAMING DEALS ON Wedding Limo transportation, Party Bus services, Prom Limousine rentals, Seattle Wine Tours, Luxury Hummer limo services & MORE.

We also provide Airport Transportation Services throughout and EVERYWHERE in King County WA, Pierce County WA, and Snohomish County Washington.

We offer luxury, high-quality, and affordable limousines for all your entertainment. Benefits with of using Alisha Limousine Rental.

For Every Occasion
Affordable Pricing
Professional Drivers

Party Buses & Limo Services Near Me

We offer party bus services all over Western Washington state. Alisha Luxury Limousines started by providing a great variety of different affiliate party bus rentals for Airport Shuttle Service, Bus Rental to local attractions, Charter Bus tours, as well as limo service Seattle airport transfers. Call for shuttle bus quotes, airport transfers, cruise ships transportation’s, birthday celebrations and a lot more. So if you are looking for courteous drivers, nice clean vehicles, and dependable transportation, Alisha Limo’s is your BEST Choice.

Party Buses & Limo Services Near Me


alisha limos

Limousines King County WA

Algona, Limousines 98001, Limousines 98047. Auburn, Limousines 98001, Limousines 98002, Limousines 98030, Limousines 98071, Limousines 98092. Bellevue, Limousines 98004, Limousines 98005, Limousines 98006, Limousines 98007, Limousines 98008, Limousines 98009, Limousines 98015. Black Diamond, Limousines 98010. Bothell, Limousines 98011, Limousines 98021, Limousines 98034, Limousines 98041. Burien, Limousines 98062, Limousines 98108, Limousines 98146, Limousines 98148, Limousines 98148, Limousines 98166, Limousines 98168. Carnation, Limousines 98014. Clyde Hill, Limousines 98004. Covington, Limousines 98042.Des Moines, Limousines 98148, Limousines 98198.

Duval, Limousines 98019. Enumclaw, Limousines 98022. Federal Way, Limousines 98001, Limousines 98003, Limousines 98023, Limousines 98063, Limousines 98093. Issaquah, Limousines 98027, Limousines 28029. Kenmore, Limousines 98028. Kent, Limousines 98030, Limousines 98031, Limousines 98032, Limousines 98035, Limousines 98042, Limousines 98064, Limousines 98089, Limousines 98189.Kirkland, Limousines 98033, Limousines 98034, Limousines 98083.Lake Forest Park, Limousines 98155. Maple Valley, Limousines 98038.Medina, Limousines 98039.Mercer Island, Limousines 98040.Milton, Limousines 98003, Limousines 98354.Newcastle, Limousines 98056, Limousines 98059.Normandy Park, Limousines 98148, Limousines 98166.North Bend, Limousines 98045. Pacific, Limousines 98001, Limousines 98047, Limousines 98390.Redmond, Limousines 98008, Limousines 98052, Limousines 98053, Limousines 98073.Renton, Limousines 98055, Limousines 98056, Limousines 98057, Limousines 98058, Limousines 98059. Sammamish, Limousines 98029, Limousines 98074, Limousines 98075.SeaTac, 98148 98158 98168 98188 98198 Seattle, Limousines 98101, Limousines 98102, Limousines 98103, Limousines 98104, Limousines 98105, Limousines 98106, Limousines 98107

Limousines 98108, Limousines 98109, Limousines 98111, Limousines 98112, Limousines 98113 ,Limousines 98114, Limousines 98115, Limousines 98116, Limousines 98117, Limousines 98118 ,Limousines 98119, Limousines 98121, Limousines 98122 ,Limousines 98124, Limousines 98125, Limousines 98126, Limousines 98127, Limousines 98129 Limousines 98131, Limousines 98132, Limousines 98133, Limousines 98134, Limousines 98136, Limousines 98139, Limousines 98141, Limousines 98144, Limousines 98145, Limousines 98146, Limousines 98154, Limousines 98161, Limousines 98164, Limousines 98165, Limousines 98170, Limousines 98174, Limousines 98175, Limousines 98177, Limousines 98178, Limousines 98181, Limousines 98185, Limousines 98190, Limousines 9819,1 Limousines 98194, Limousines 8195, Limousines 98057 Limousines 98108 Limousines 98138 Limousines 98168 Limousines 98178 Limousines 9818. Shoreline, Limousines 98133, Limousines 98155, Limousines 98160, Limousines 98177.Snoqualmie, Limousines 98024, Limousines 98065.

Tukwila, Limousines 98057, Limousines 98108, Limousines 98138, Limousines 98168, Limousines 98178, Limousines 98188. Woodinville, 98027, 98072. Beaux-Arts Village, Limousines 98004.Hunts Point, Limousines 98004, Limousines Skykomish, Limousines 98288, Limousines Ames Lake, Limousines 98053. Baring, Limousines 98224. Boulevard Park, Limousines 98126. Limousines 98133. Limousines 98136. Limousines 98134. Limousines 98144, Limousines 98146, Limousines 98148, Limousines 98155, Limousines Bryn Mawr-Skyway, Limousines 98178, Limousines Cottage Lake, Limousines 98052, Limousines 98072, Limousines 98077, Limousines East Renton Highlands, Limousines 98027, Limousines 98038, Limousines 98058, 98059, Limousines Fairwood, Limousines 98055, Limousines 98058, Limousines Fall City, Limousines 98024, Limousines Hobart, Limousines 98025, Limousines 98027, Limousines 98038, Limousines Klahanie, Limousines 98029, Limousines Lake Marcel-Stillwater, Limousines 98014, Limousines Lake Morton-Berrydale, Limousines 98042, Limousines 98092, Limousines Lakeland North, Limousines 98001, Limousines 98032, Party Bus, Lakeland South, Limousines 98001, Limousines 98032, Limousines Maple Heights-Lake Desire, Limousines 98058, Limousines Mirrormont, Limousines 98027, Limousines 98038, Limousines Ravensdale, Limousines 98038 98051, Limousines Riverbend, Limousines 98045, Limousines Tanner, Limousines 98045, Limousines Union Hill-Novelty Hill, Limousines 98052, Limousines 98053, Limousines 98077, Limousines Vashon, Limousines 98013, Limousines 98070, Limousines Bayne, Limousines 98022, Limousines Cumberland, Limousines 98022, Limousines Grotto, Limousines 98251, Limousines Kanaskat, Limousines 98051, Limousines Kangley, Limousines 98051, Limousines Naco, Limousines 98022, Limousines Novelty, Limousines 98019, Limousines Palmer, Limousines 98051, Limousines Preston, Limousines 98027, Limousines 98050, Limousines Spring Glen, Limousines 98024, Limousines Wabash, Limousines 98022, Limousines Houghton, Limousines 98033, Limousines Cedar Falls, Limousines 97225, Limousines Edgewick, Limousines 98371, Limousines 98372, Limousines Krain, Limousines 98022 Lester, Limousines 98045, Limousines Osceola, Limousines 98022, Limousines Snoqualmie Falls, Limousines 98065.

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Airport Transportation Seattle

There are several instances when booking a Seattle limo for your WA airport pickup would make sense. For instance:

When you are traveling with other executives for other business reasons. If you are on a lovely romantic trip with your lover and want an exclusive ride When you need the best Seattle chauffeured vehicle to take you around Seattle.

You should consider booking a limo through our service. For executive travel, we provide corporate deals as well. If you are traveling in a larger number, we will recommend our Seattle party buses or charter bus rentals in Seattle.

Party Buses & Limos For Airport Transportation

There is a range of amenities that our Seattle party buses come with. These are ideal when you need to transport 14 to 50 passengers at one time. The Seattle party buses rentals are suitable for medium to large numbers of people who are traveling to a local Seattle event. These are limo-like luxury coaches fitted with different facilities. If you are planning a wedding and need transfer services for guests, these are ideal vehicles to book.

You can make a booking in advance for an airport pickup or drop. If you are traveling, simply find our contact number and give us a call to place a booking. If you are curious how to choose the right Seattle Limo Party Bus rental from our services, you can simply request from the popular models like stretch Limos, Mercedes, Cadillac Escalades, Hummer Limos, Chrysler 300s, Lincolns and many others. These are a small sample set of the limo models that we have available for rent.

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#1 Limo Service Company In Seattle WA, King County

Limousines turn heads whenever they push and can stir some jealousy in those not riding in them. This is because limo rides are classy and luxurious. Although limousine rides was a book of the elite in society, this has changed over time with more limo companies offering limousine rental services. Limousines are now also available in several distinct sizes and styles to fit your needs. For instance, we offer many stretch Limousines that can come as sedans like Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, and Rolls Royce or SUVs such as Range Rovers and Hummers.

Limo Rental in King County

Alisha Limo rental has become simple with our limo company having an online presence. We’ve got various limousines our firm rents at varying costs. Our limo rides are billed per hour and also the charges rise as the duration increases afterward. It’s therefore critical that you know the estimated duration for that you need a limousine, so it is possible to budget yourself properly. Why opt for our limo services?

Comfort and Luxurious — This is a frequent reason why the majority of people hire our limousines. Our limousine business in King County offers a service which offers you extreme relaxation and luxury as our limousines are put together to provide just that.

The seats are well cushioned and made from classy materials such as leather. The light is just right, along with the TV and audio system can be tuned to a relaxation. Our limousine tables have cup holders so that your beverages don’t topple when the limousine goes.

Customer Service — We offer impeccable customer support as we understand that many things can go wrong through a limousine rental. For instance, the limousine you wanted could acquire mechanical difficulties or traffic might delay the ride from getting to you on time. Whatever issues you might encounter while riding with us, our firm has measures in place to ensure you arrive on time at your destination. We deal with problems quickly and speak with you promptly and professionally.

Extra Services — You may need more services to go with the limo. For instance, for a wedding day, you might need some inside décor to be completed in the limousine to coordinate with the theme of your wedding day. Some people also like to possess escort cars or even safety personnel for their limo rides. Our limo provider can provide such extra services. All you need to do is create exceptional requests while making bookings.

Range of Limousines — Our limo service supplies you with a variety of Limousines to pick from. We have a fleet of sedans, SUVs, party buses, stretch limos, short Limousines and many different sorts of limos. This gives you the choice to pick what can meet your requirements perfectly.

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Our 5-star commitment to excellent limo and party bus transportation service in Seattle and meeting the individual needs of each customer is the key to our success. Alisha Limo’s and Transportation services provide complete ground transportation services for every kind of special event. We offer 24-hour service, 365 days a year to meet all of your Seattle limo transportation needs. The professional staff at Alisha Limo’s is known for dependability, flexibility, and making your ground travel experience stress free. With just one phone call, our dedicated team of professionals will help you manage all of your business and personal destination ground transportation.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying:

“Our driver was awesome, and the bus had some of the coolest lights. Overall a very fun and smooth night. Thank you Alisha Limo !”
Ivona A. – Party Bus Rental

Five Star Review

“Their bus is amazing, other than the audio system which could use a major upgrade.”
Andy R. – Party Bus Rental

Five Star Review

“Our driver Tee was on time, helpful, and easy to work with. He got all of our 9th Grade Dance kids where they needed to be and the Mom’s in-between as well. The kids really enjoyed the lights on the bus.”
Sarah C. – Party Bus Rental

Five Star Review

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